Women's Home Try-On


Initially, you will only be charged $4.99 for shipping. You will be charged for the rings that you keep after we receive the returned box. The $95.00 price above reflects the total value of the package in the case that you decide to keep all 4 JoJo Rings. 

STEP 1 | Choose 4 rings and we will send your home try-on for just $4.99.

STEP 2 | You'll have 5 days to try and return.

STEP 3 | Keep the ones you love (at a discounted price) and return the ones you don't. You'll only be charged for what you keep!


*If items are not returned within the time-frame, you will be charged the entire $99.99 fee. We will refund you for the items returned once we get the package!*