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Home Try-On

STEP 1 | Choose style preferences for your rings and we will send you 4 rings to try-on at home for just $4.99.

STEP 2 | You'll have 5 days to try and return.

STEP 3 | Keep the ones you love (at a discounted price) and return the ones you don't. You'll only be charged for what you keep!


4 Rings
Styles chosen by you



Try at home
You've got 5 days to try



Only $4.99 Shipping
Available for US customers only



The more rings you keep, the more money you save




Home Try-On FAQs

How much does the Home Try-On cost?

Your only initial cost is the $4.99 shipping fee. It will show up in your cart as $99.99 charge– that is to reflect the full cost of the box if you decide to keep everything. Your card is saved on file and not charged until AFTER we receieve the home try-on back from you after the 5 days.

When will my credit card be charged?

You card will not be charged until we receieve the Home Try-On back from you. You will only be charged for what you keep plus the $4.99 shipping fee.

How long do I have to Try-On?

You have 5 days from the delivery date to try your items on at home.

Can I use discount codes when purchasing a Home Try-On?

Unfortunately, you cannot use a coupon code when purchasing a Home Try-On. The rings are already discounted when you keep more than one, therefore, we do not offer additional discounts.

How does the return process work?

Your Home Try-On includes a prepaid return label. Simply put your items back in the original mailing envelope and tape the return label to the front. Drop at any US Post Office and you're all set!

What is the sizing process like?

We ask that you enter your middle finger size. This way, we can send a couples sizes for you to try. You wouldn't believe how many people don't know their ring size anyway! Plus, it's a great way to try the rings on different fingers than the classic ring finger.

How do I find my ring size?

We've got a size guide for you, find it here.

If I like a ring from my Home Try-On, but the size is wrong, what do I do?

If you love a ring in your Home Try-On, but it's not perfect, make notes on your feedback card– that's what it's for! We can always resize it and contact you when it's ready! This process is all about getting the perfect ring for you! You can always email our customer service team as well at



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