send in your key

— for a custom ring or wrap —

Create your own JoJo Story. We would love to make your
special key into a ring or wrap.

A few things to check before you send...

Please take a look at the following guide to make sure your key is right for a custom ring.

find your key & plan

Collect your key and be sure to make a copy if it is extra special to you or if you still need to use it.

Our processing time varies based on volume of custom orders we have. Our manufacturing process has to be completely stopped to make these one-of-a-kind rings. Please make sure you send your key with enough time before you need it.

send us an email

Some keys have different metal content which makes them harder to bend. The color of the key can be an indicator. Email us a photo to: so we can make sure the key will work in the production process.

An email also gives us a heads up to look out for your special key. We will respond with the shipping address.

check key length for size

Please measure the length of your key. We can custom make rings for US sizes 5-12.

If you need a ring size larger than a US size 7, make sure your key is longer than 2 inches. Wraps can be made with any length key, even small ones!


mail in your key

Please send all keys with your name, return shipping address, and ring size requested to us with the address we provide you after you email us.

Please DO NOT send payment with your keys. We will invoice you once we are finished.

Processing time on custom orders is 7-10 business days after we receive your key.

Pricing is $50 per ring + shipping.



Your first house, car,
or a key to a loved
one's home.
Share your story with us.

Quick Tips

Please note there still is a possibility that your key may break in the production process. We try our very best to take care of your special key.

If you are worried about this, please make a copy before sending (or send us two keys if you have options or can make a copy!)

Be sure to plan ahead when sending us your key. We cannot offer any faster production times for these custom orders especially during the holidays.

We can, however, offer expedited shipping options once the ring or wrap is complete! Let us know via email.

Please do not send loose keys in a basic envelope, they are too sharp and typically get lost in the mail (the key teeth cut holes in the envelope).

Place keys taped to a piece of paper, cardboard, or in a plastic bag. We also recommend a padded envelope.