Since day one, we've made it a priority to give back. The term #keysforchange illustrates our commitment to social good. Join the movement on social media today by using the hashtag!
For 2019, we have decided to work with a different nonprofit every 2 months to promote social change and raise awareness. With each online purchase, we make a $5 donation to our partner.

January & February 2019 Partner

JoJo Rings is proud to partner with Virago Fitness for January & February 2019. Virago Fitness, Inc. was founded in 2014, by Brittney Hogan, a surviving spouse of a fallen United States Marine. After her Husband, LCpl Hunter Hogan, was killed in Afghanistan during combat operations she hit rock bottom until finally turning to fitness as a way to cope, and it completely saved her life. Virago Fitness is a nonprofit activewear company with a mission to promote healing through fitness. Virago means “a person of extreme strength and spirit”, and through our activewear sales, programs, campaigns and events, we rally our community to use fitness for post-traumatic growth. Virago partners with fitness instructors all over the United States to bring free fitness to those struggling with life's obstacles.

To learn more about their mission check out this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRo7RfF_k9Q  




Our Past Partners



If you are or know of a worthy nonprofit to be a beneficiary of one of our monthly partnerships please email us at info@jojorings.com