Send in Your Own Key

Create your own JoJo Story.


Your story makes you unique. 

We are oftentimes asked, "Can I send you a key to make into a custom JoJo Ring?"The answer is YES! It would be an honor. JoJo Rings was founded after our CEO, Jordan, created a ring from her late Grandmother's key. She explains, "I wanted to take a piece of her wherever I go. Each time I look down at my ring I am reminded that she is with me." Thus far we've created rings from first cars, first apartments, lake houses and more! We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to turn your special keys into jewelry.

Custom Ring Sending Instructions

Please send all keys to (50 Central Island Street, Unit 231, Daniel Island, SC 24942) with your name, return shipping address, and size. The cost for custom rings are $50. Please DO NOT send payment with your keys. We will invoice you once we are finished. Please email us at if you are sending a key so we know to look out for it.

Special notes: Due to the metal content of some keys, it is sometimes more difficult to form the key into a ring. We advise that you know we are not 100% successful at making your special key into a ring. The color of the key can be an indicator. If the key is the light brass color of the middle key, please do not send. If you are unsure, the best thing to do is make a copy of the key before you mail it.